Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cultured, And Other Things I'm Not

Well the power keeps going out cause its raining so hard the electricity can't find its way to my house so this will probably be pretty short, given I have 10% battery left and am in the dark.

My host mom just handed me a serrano pepper so I guess I gotta eat that. I am eating that as I am typing this. It is hot. Yeah. This was a poor decision I kinda just went for it and that was a mistake on my part. Its only about 3 times hotter than a jalepeño I just looked up so I guess that's not bad I guess I'm just a wimp. I also just accidently agreed to having her put these in my eggs tomorrow so I gotta find a way to shut that down kinda soon. I once ate an entire Habanero pepper with my cousin Andrew so it's not that. Still tearing up quite a bit though. Need some milk.

Back to real life. Went to mass with my host mom/grandma today (not sure what to call her cause she's my real grandmas' age but also her youngest kid is 22 so there's some conflict going on there). This was my second time since I've been here but it was still a cool experience to be in a giant cathedral with giant pillars, statues, and various other old stuff. Not necessarily my beliefs or ideas of church, but culturally enriching nonetheless. It was super echoey though so I really couldn't understand anything the whole time. It was only about an hour though so it wasn't too bad. After many cycles of sit, stand, kneel, turn around the priest said the last prayer and everybody hugged each other. Right on.

The church was only about 3 blocks away but we stopped for popsicles on the way back cause why not, then my host mom and I walked around the city center a little bit just for fun. Watched some guy play the bassoon for a little then called it a day. I saw a lady selling what looked like to me tortillas so I asked my host mom if they were in fact tortillas and she said no they were communion wafers that you could by. Rad I said, okay not really, and then we made it home. Got to work on some homework because though I still have only 4 days of school left I have like 87 things I gotta get turned in at some point this week. I was working so hard I didn't even see my host mom leave until she came back through the front door. She walks over and sets down a big bag of the communion wafers I asked about earlier, not even kidding. I didn't even think you were supposed to just have those if you're a Catholic. But I'm not even that anyways, and now I have like a lifetime supply of these things. Or I could get 'em all out of the way and just have a bowl of these things for like 2 weeks and do it that way. I don't really know it's a sealed bag so I got some time to think about it.

Calmed down after that pepper now and its still raining super hard but the powers back on so that's an improvement. Went out and stood in it for about 10 seconds and basically felt like someone sprayed me down with a hose. My kinda entertainment. Gotta get back to some homework though because I got a test and a presentation to give tomorrow so that's gonna be all for today, thanks for reading!

Also the picture below has nothing to do with anything I did today but it was two guys I saw yesterday after the soccer game and they had giant rooster heads on and it was just super great

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  1. Maybe my favorite post yet....peppers, church, communion bread. Love it!