Saturday, July 16, 2016

Today I Spent Some Money On Some Things

In a break from retrospective story telling, today's post is about same-day events! One of the girls in my group has a host family that's super into soccer and has season tickets to the local fútbol team here, the Gallos (Roosters). They invited her to come along to a game today, but she told us about it and 6 others of us ended up getting tickets to go to. We weren't able to get tickets yesterday because of school and life, so we had to go a little bit early today to make sure we could still get some seats. After sleeping in til about 9, we walked my usual 25 minute school route with one of the girls that lives a block away to meet up with 2 others so we could ride together. After sitting in the Burger King parking lot for a little bit our Uber guy showed up in a Nissan Versa. Not even kidding, out of all the Ubers I've taken while here, which is like once a day, 9/10 times they have a Nissan Versa. I don't get it. Rocking out to mariachi music, we made the 3 mile jaunt cross the city and got dropped off in front of the stadium, which honestly was a bit lackluster. There was quite a bit of trash and other stuff just laying around so that was kinda lame, but we found the ticket place and talked with the ticket lady for about 5 minutes trying to decide the best spot to sit. Found a relatively close spot for 140 pesos, so that was great.

It's actually pretty weird, after living here for a month, American things seem comparatively expensive. A ticket to a soccer game is the equivalent of like 8 bucks. I can buy a full dinner for 2 bucks. A 3 liter of coke for 1. I mean, inflation is a little higher since it's about 19 or so pesos a dollar, but it's gonna be hard to get used to paying 10 bucks or more for a dinner or even more than 25 cents for a bag of chips. Whole thing about experiencing different cultures I guess. . .

Made it back to our side of town, ran around for awhile, then I went back home cause I needed some food. It was around 12 and the game wasn't til 5 so I had quite a bit of time to kill. Plugged my phone in and hung out for a little bit but then went and visited my host grandma at her store to see what was up. She gave me some soup like she usually does after school and some bread and some chicken so that was a plus. In all honesty, if you put all the fruits and vegetables I've ever eaten in my life before coming here in one pile, and all the fruits and vegetables I've eaten since coming here in another, the 2nd would be bigger. In all senses except physical I am a cantaloupe. I get a pile of fruit in the morning along with a salad and usually some sort of egg thing, then for lunch its always vegetable soup which includes cucumbers, squash, carrots, celery, and like stuff I don't even know but basically vegetables and broth, then avocado on top of some even more salad along with a meat, then finally dinner, also usually paired with some tomatoes or some other thing from the ground. It's probably super great for me, but at the same time my digestive system was in no way prepared for it all. Healthy me though so good on that.

One of the girls host family has a cousin that drives a taxi so we got him to take us to the game, cool how connections work like that. We got there and it was kinda just like any other american football game I've been to, scan your ticket, find your side of the stadium, and find your seat. Coming from Oregon and having been to Autzen and Reeser, generally larger stadiums, the stadium here kinda felt small but it was still a really cool atmosphere. Everyone was wearing blue, including us cause we had bought ourselves some jerseys before getting there, and the opposing team had their own side too. A big difference though between home football games and here fútbol games though is that the opposing teams section had a 10 ft tall fence around it with barbed wire over the top. Also with about 20 security guards both inside outside and around the cage thing. Guess it gets pretty rough in awhile in there.

Game itself was super fun too, lots of cheering, lots of booing, and also a ton of rain I wasn't very prepared for that. Okay but back to the price of things that I talked about earlier. Stuff is pretty cheap all time usually, and that's cool. But it starts raining and immediately the food vendor people switch roles and start selling ponchos. Not nice ponchos by any means they were literally colored saran wrap with sleeves. I was thinking they were gonna be like 10 pesos, maybe 15, given that's how everything has worked thus far. I ask for one and they were 50 pesos! I know that's only like $2.50 in real life but that was over a third the cost of my ticket to get in there! People were buying them though, so they definitely got the supply and demand thing down. Other funny this was that as soon as it started raining, and it doesn't sprinkle in Querétaro it either pours or is nothing by the way, nearly our entire section just got up and left. I don't know if they walked to where the cover was or what but they were not having that at all. We stayed right where we were though cause we're Oregonians and we don't care that were freezing cold and dripping wet, at least that's what we told ourselves.

We ended up winning 2-0, so yay us. I think it was the first round of some tournament so even more yay. We got the same cousin to pick us up again and after a bit we were back close to home. The girl that lives a block from me and I then walked home in hopes that it wouldn't start raining again. Bought a cinnamon roll on the way back, good decision there. Super cool coincidence though, when I got here the first week I had a host sister that's 17, but I haven't seen here since week 1 and here it is end of week 4. I didn't really know where she went she was just gone one day but no one said anything about it so I just went with it. As I was about one block away from home there was a bus dropping people off the bus and she was getting off of it! I yelled her name cause it was kinda far away but luckily she heard me, barely though. Apparently, she got accepted into Notre Dame, who after some research Morgan says has only an 18% acceptance rate, and had to go to some orientation thing in Indiana. She was only back for 3 days to get the rest of her stuff from her mom's house(not the one I live in) before going back, so I was super glad I got to actually say bye and thank her for helping out a ton the first week because she knows English and I had a rough time getting into my Spanish groove when I first got here. Anyways that was just pretty cool cause I don't know what the odds of just so happening to walk past the same bus stop she was getting off at on a Saturday night are. Weird man.

So that was my day! Got home and ate some quesadillas with my host dad too. Adios para ahora!

Get the haircut everybody else is getting they said, it'll be fun they said

Okay but the guy with the jacket over his head gets it


  1. Awesome! That food sounds so delicious to me, I would love the soup! Get the recipe!!