Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hey, Real Quick

I've only got one more day of class left, and that's tomorrow. Got 2 presentations to give and 1 test to take. Probably gonna be a long night of preparation, but after that I'll finally be able to relax a bit. Plus I find out what grades I'm gonna get in my classes since I've for the most part had no idea this entire time. The last week or so has been pretty rough, had something big due in at least one of my three classes almost every day for the last 2 weeks and it's been taking its toll! After tomorrow I'll have Friday and Saturday to enjoy my last little bit of time in México before I get on another bus to the airport Sunday, and catch up on here, cause there's still some stuff I haven't gotten to. Anyways, this just a quick update since I said earlier I'd be trying to post every day a couple days ago and I haven't. . . Back to that workload at level 10 thing. . . Gotta finish up a presentation on the Reform War between the liberal and conservative parties in post-colonial México though, be back tomorrow!

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